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There is an abundance of information on the Internet that discusses healthy living, nutrition, homeopathy, Meridian Stress Assessments and other topics we focus on. To make it easier to wade through, we have compiled a variety of resources and links we recommend. Dive in, work toward optimal health!


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Useful Information:

Compounds Found In Cruciferous Vegetables Block Lung Cancer Progression

Alternative Cleaning Solutions

Toxins in your Personal Care Products

Healthy Cookware

Toxin Free Food Suggestions

Harvest Select the Best Produce (iPhone app)


Affiliations and Organizations

BioMeridian Corporation (IHT) is the world's largest manufacturer of Meridian Stress Assessment instrumentation. These devices are used by integrative health care practitioners around the world to assess functional health. The company's system is a state-of-the-art hardware platform coupled with sophisticated application software.

The success of BioMeridian can be measured by its users' commitment and loyalty to its product, its innovations and product offering, the strength of its strategic partnerships, and the dedication of its people to this cause of human health. The company's products have helped thousands of practitioners and their patients worldwide. As BioMeridian continues to develop new products, enhance existing products and provide new services for its customers, it will continue its leadership position within the industry. BioMeridian's management team includes professionals from various industries, bringing skills and strategies from those markets to ours. Their expertise combines to bring direction and focus to the company's strategy for success



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